Zpecial Pet

Pet Clothing Shopping site

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UXUI Design Branding
Logo Design
Zpecial Pet aims to create a friendly, relatable, and lively brand that motivates pet lovers to buy their products. Additionally, they aim to surpass other similar brands in the same price range.

Zpecial Pet

Zpecial Pet is a subsidiary brand under The client wants a noticeable difference between the website designs of these two brands. The goal is to establish a trendy and energetic brand image specifically for the upcoming Zpecial Pet website.

Whole Jounry

Mobile Version

Desktop Version

Design Highlight

In the prototype, the shopping cart updates the total amount in real-time when customers change the quantity or use member points. This makes things clear, immediate, and easy to understand. The prototype uses variables and conditions to demonstrate this feature
On the single product page, there is a sliding icon that shows the product color and makes it easy for users to find the corresponding photo.

In the desktop version, the cart button is hidden to encourage customers to click into the product page to learn more before making a purchase.

The profile page is divided into three main functions for members. They can easily edit their profile, track shipping, and ask questions.​


Variables and conditions are required to demonstrate the functionality of this website. I have learned how to set up dynamic interactions using variables and conditions.
I believe that it is necessary to publish this type of illustrated functional app in the market to bring joy to people’s daily lives.
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