Smart Lock Website

#UXUI #Mobile&Desktop Web

Create an informative smart lock website that provides detailed introductions to the various intelligent functions available in smart locks. Visitors to the website can explore and learn about the modern and practical features offered by smart locks.
UXUI Design
To address misunderstandings and build trust in smart locks, an informative website is needed. This website will provide comprehensive introductions and explanations about smart locks, showcasing their benefits, features, and security measures.

Mobile Version

Desktop Version

Design Highlight&
Prototype Design


I aimed for a majestic feel on the website, testing various versions of the product page for optimal reading speed and page spacing. The widest spacing worked best. I added dynamic geometric graphics inspired by the Ricicus logo. I was mindful of not overwhelming the user experience with excessive graphics. I also contributed to brainstorm how the website works and learned how to incorporate parallax effects and apply various treatments to photos.

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