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This app allows remote control of smart home devices, calculates temperature and humidity data, suggests default modes, and enables easy adjustment of home devices and ambiance with a single click. It is both intelligent and trendy.
In this decade, numerous smart home devices have been developed to enhance our lifestyle. To effectively control these devices, a versatile and all-inclusive app is necessary. Whether users are at home or away, they can instantly and accurately make changes in any mode, bringing convenience to our lives.

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Design Highlight & Prototype Design

On the screen, a realistic living room is displayed. Users can easily click on the furniture and devices to adjust the brightness and color temperature.

When a device is turned on, the bottom menu icon will change from black to white. The panel menu allows users to view the status of all devices in the room simultaneously.

This smooth transition creates a soft and warm ambiance that complements the overall vibe of the house.
The homepage menu includes two fast access buttons. One button links directly to individual devices, while the other button changes all devices according to the selected mode. For instance, activating night mode will dim the room lights.


I drew inspiration from my daily life when I came up with the concept for this app. Consolidating the control functions of different smart appliances into one app would greatly enhance convenience. While the app offers default choices and modes to users, it is also important to provide them with the ability to customize their own rooms according to their preferences.
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